Weekly Update

Big Thanks to Liberty's Gears!
Warrior Racing extends a sincere thank you to Liberty's Gears for their donation of labor and material in producing key drivetrain components!

Join The TEAM!

All are Welcome!
Warrior Racing is always looking for more dedicated members to join the team. There are multiple positions availble for the engineering and business divisions. You do not need experience, only a ready-to-learn attitude and the willingness to go the extra mile. You will work with experienced Warrior Racing members in all disciplines. It's a great chance to meet dedicated students who share similar interests.

Warrior Racing

Warrior Racing is composed of dedicated Wayne State University students who devote their time and effort to designing, manufacturing, and competing a formula style race car. All of the design and manufacturing is undergone by undergraduate and graduate students.

Along with the engineering division, there is an extensive business division that is responsible for communications, sponsor relations, and resource management. As members of Warrior Racing, students gain the opportunity to explore multiple career paths including those of engineering and business.

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