About Warrior Racing

Warrior Racing was founded in 2003 and has been an active student organization at Wayne State University since.

Warrior Racing is a student organization at Wayne State University composed of both undergraduate and graduate students from diverse disciplines. The team designs, manufactures and markets an open-wheel race car against other universities nationally. The competitions include dynamic and static events to test the team's knowledge of design, manufacturing and marketing of the formula style racecar. Over the years, the team has attended numerous competitions at Formula Michigan, Formula West, Formula North and has even gone aboard to Formula UK. Warrior Racing provides students with a great opportunity to learn about engineering design, and manufacturing for engineering majors. Each component of the car is designed by students and manufactured in our Formula SAE shop at Wayne State University. Along with the engineering majors, Warrior Racing also has a business side which includes accounting, web development, marketing, and media. There are many different roles within the team and Warrior Racing always encourages students to join.

The Business Team

Warrior Racing is more of a business than a student organization. There are many different positions open for the busuiness majors such as accounting for cost evaluation of materials, and assistance with balancing the budget of the car. Other business positions include sponsor relations, and social outreach. The business team presents the marketing presentation and cost event at competitions.

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design

  • The Engineering Team

    Warrior Racing has access to a shop and an engine dyno room that is used by the engineering team extensively to test and manufacture different components of the car. In the engineering division there are two divisions that focus on key aspects of the car, powertrain and chassis.

    The powertain team includes the following subsystems:
  • Engine Calibration
  • Cooling
  • Intake/Exhaust
  • Drivetrain
  • Electrical

  • The chassis team includes the following subsystems:
  • Frame
  • Brakes
  • Ergonomics
  • Suspension
  • Best Team Records

    2015 - Formula Michigan : 2nd out of 120 teams in Cost Event

    Kristina Vujic, the financial officer and President of Warrior Racing, prepared a stunning presentation for the cost event. The long hours and hardwork paid off in the end. The judge was very impressed with her organization and detailed presentation. Alongside Kristina Vujic stood Adam Niner, who helped with the presentation at Formula Michigan. Our final cost was recorded at $9,342.

    2014 - Formula West : 17th out of X teams in Marketing Presentation

    At Lincoln, Nebraska the business team presented the marketing presentation to three judge. The team consisted of Adam Niner, Tirath Matharu and Richard Le Page. The judges were impressed with the layout of the presentation along with the communication skills by all three members. We scored a total of 66 points.

    2010 - California : 38th Overall and 16th in the Design Event

    The Warrior Racing team competed in Formula SAE held in California. With great static and dynamics events the team scored a total of 213.61 points securing the 38th overall position. This was also our best year for design, we scored a total of 97 points coming in at 16th.

    2015 - Formula West : 15th Endurance, 27th in Acceleration, and 26th in Skidpad.

    2015 Formula West has been the best recorded breaking year of Warrior Racing. With a great team dynamic we placed 15th in Endurance, at 1665.558 seconds, and 26th in Accleration, coming in at about 4.614 seconds. Lastly, we placed 26th in Skidpad, finishing the event at about 5.394 seconds.

    2015 - Formula West : 31st in Autocross

    In 2015, the team competed in the Formula West competition and it was our best year for Autocross coming in at 31st after finishing the event with a time of 66.569 seconds.

    Team Records

    2015 - Formula West : Scored in all ststic and dynamic events

    2015 - Formula West : Placed 12th out of 80 teams at Formula West

    2013 - Formula Michigan : 13th out of 120 teams in Cost Event

    2012 - Formula West : 25th out of 80 teams in Endurance/Fuel Economy event

    2011 - Formula Michigan : 29th out of 121 in Marketing Presentation and 48th in Cost

    2010 - Formula West : 38th out of 80 teams overall and 16th at the Design Event

    2009 - Formula Michigan : 67th out of 123 teams overall and comprehensive endurance finish

    2008 - Formula West : 42nd out of 75 teams overall and placed 7th in Cost Presentation

    2007 - Formula UK : Finished all static events

    2006 - Formula Michigan : Developed a new brake system and increased efficiency of the cooling system

    2005 - Formula West : Achieved design goal to reduce weight of the car by 100 pounds and Awarded for the "Best Use Of Strutucal Foam"

    2004 - Formula Michigan : Rookie year in Formula SAE competitions, placing 96th out of 146 teams. Completed all Static and Dynamic events."

    2003 - Formula SAE : Beginning of Wayne State University's involvement in Formula SAE competitions"