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Warrior Racing welcomes all majors to join! Our offices may be located in the College of Engineering but you do not have to be an engineer to join the team. Warrior Racing is considered more as a business than a club, with positions available in both the engineering and business divisions. Both divisions focus on designing, manufacturing and marketing a scaled down formula one car.

Just like a business there are many positions that need to be filled such as the leadership, advertising, financing, manufacturing and designing. You do not need any experience to join. You will work with experienced Warrior Racing members to learn about the engineering design, team management, budgeting, and marketing. Each year we compete in different competitions with other universities in dynamic and static events. At all the events we represent Wayne State University and the Society of Automotive Engineers. You will gain hands on experience while making connections in the industry.

Don't have the time for a large project? No problem! All of us here donate our time and break up larger projects into several smaller ones to simplify the process. Many of us find it a much needed break in between classes or just as an ongoing hobby that we work on in our leisure.

We are all students here, geared for learning. Every person that joins our organization adds something fresh, on which we can all build. Get a bunch of us together and we can have some of the most interesting discussions, whether serious or hilarious.

Sound good so far? Take the next step! Please fill out this online application to tell us a little about yourself. We will look it over and, based on your interests and availability, will schedule you a tour of our facility.

We are currently accepting new Probationary Members.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested and a Warrior Racing Representative will reach out to the email provided.

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To learn more about Warrior Racing on how to join, sponsorships and general information contact Filippo Caro:

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