Unveiling Road Warrior 9!

By Asaa Harajli

On Sunday April 12th, Warrior Racing hosted its unveiling for Road Warrior 9! The event was held at the Wayne State campus in parking lot 51. It allowed our sponsors a chance to view the hard work and dedication they are generously supporting. This also provided an opportunity for our members to test and tune RW8 (our 2013-2014 vehicle).All of the sponsors and members present were given an opportunity to sign our testing nosecone as well as sit inside RW9. Throughout the event, RW8's engine roared loud and proud!

A big thank you goes out to the Wayne State Parking and Athletic departments for helping with logistics and also to Josef's Pastry Shop for providing the event with dozens of pastries!

Visit Josefs Pastry shop at https://www.JosefsPastryShop.com

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