Introducing Warrior Racing Legacy

By Elliot Carter

Warrior Racing owes a big thank you to our newest sponsor of the team, Warrior Racing Legacy! Founded in 2015 after the Road Warrior 9 season, WRL consists of a number of Warrior Racing Alumni who wanted to continue their contribution to the team. These individuals support the team financially, giving cash donations as well as incentivising wins at competition with further financial support.

As the members of WRL are all team alumni, they have an extensive knowledge base covering all aspects of the team, and have committed to consulting with current team members to pass that knowledge along. For example, former Chassis Director Richard Le Page is teaching new chassis members the manufacturing and design processes used during his time on Warrior Racing. This transfer of knowledge between team "generations" is key in continuing the successes Warrior Racing has been achieving. Former President Kristina Vujic is serving a similar role in teaching the next leaders of our team, training them in the preparation of cost reports and offering consulting regarding daily management of the team. Mohammed Kakli, powertrain director for RW9, is actively training Powertrain Director Justin Bekker, as well as the rest of his team, making sure that previous efforts can be built off of and learned from.

But Warrior Racing Legacy is about more than just passing the torch. WRL Spokesperson Adam Niner, Warrior Racing's Business Director for RW9, helps ensure the team's operation remains smooth. He has provided insight on management and recruiting of new member in addition to his involvement in business operations. Management of sponsors, public relations, and business ventures were just a few of his responsibilities when on the team, and his knowledge in these fields allow him to assist in these areas from his position in WRL.

Warrior Racing Legacy is and will continue to build a knowledge base for new and returning members to build from, and their consulting efforts in seasons to come will be a huge assistance to the Warrior Racing effort. We cannot thank them enough, and hope for a long and successful relationship!

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