Reviving the Dynamometer

January 19, 2015 - The Dynamometer is back!

Over the years, Warrior Racing's in-house student built dynamometer has seen plenty of changes. As the team renovated the primary workspace of the shop, the Powertrain Direc- tor focused on rejuvenating the dyno. After the last season, the powertrain division reviewed all of its testing data and determined that some changes to the dyno needed to be made. There were some issues with the stability of the unit at different speeds, resulting in inade- quate data. New components were created and the cell's layout was adjusted to be more versatile. Now the unit efficiently holds the load of the engine at various speeds. This is extremely important for our team, since it opens up the ability to calibrate the engine at specific load points. The return of the dynamometer also heralds the (re)start of component testing. For our program, the dyno not only assists with the tuning of the engine, but with the design and validation of all powertrain components. Our induction systems (intake, fuel, and exhaust) can be installed in the apparatus to test their function. The new components for RW-9 are on the verge of fabrication, so in the mean time we'll be using RW-7 and RW-8's parts to collect data. Running the dynamometer is a great learning experience, but building one from the ground up is even more rewarding.

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