Sneak peek at RoadWarrior 9

January 13, 2015 - Warrior Racing is hard at work on Road Warrior 9, here is a sneak peak.

After an intense semester of research and design, Road Warrior 9 is ready to be manufactured! This model will be lighter than its predecessors while carrying the same engine as RW-8. RW-9's suspen- sion is one of the highlights of the vehicle, featuring an adjustable assembly to pair with its optimized geometry. The drivetrain package has dropped a substantial amount of weight while ensuring the power from the engine is efficiently dispersed to the rear wheels. All of our other systems have been optimized through research, testing, and the design process, and more of the car's unique features will be revealed as the car is brought to life. There's still a few tweaks and final touches that need to be made, but the Powertrain and Chassis divisions have fulfilled their goals of designing an epic car that will be sure to break our records in each event.

We're excited to begin manufacturing, and several of our systems have already begun fabricating their components. Suspension bell- cranks and drivetrain mounting components have been created thanks to our hard working team- mates on the mill. Parts of the brakes assembly have been manu- factured as well. All of the other pieces and parts are next in line. Our very complex designs, the ones we can't manufacture in house, have been sent to some of our awesome sponsors. Soon we'll begin assembling our frame, and members are using their time wisely by practicing our welding skills.

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